Toledo Town & Tackle

Toledo Town & Tackle

Toledo Bend Lake's Fishing Headquarters
Located on Louisiana Highway 6 at Toledo Town

The Crossroads of Toledo Bend Lake

Toledo Town & Tackle

When we say "Superstore"...

We don't just mean a lot of products. We mean SELECTION! We stock a breadth and depth of product lines you don't see just anywhere. If you can't make it to our store to get that special bait - you can have us send it to you. Call or e-mail us for special orders.

This is why the professional guides and Pro Fishermen fishing tournaments at Toledo Bend stop at Toledo Town Tackle Superstore first! They want JUST the right lure, size, and color - and we have it!

Display of fishing lures
Detail of part of one row of lures from display
The ONLY store anywhere near Toledo Bend Reservoir that is really a Superstore!

Toledo Bend Tournament Headquarters

Toledo Town Tackle is your area tournament headquarters. This is THE store that carries all of the tackle you will need. Many tournaments have their registrations here, too! We open 5:00 AM daily and stay open until 9:00 PM Sunday through Thursday and until 10:00 PM Friday and Saturdays.

Many Tournaments do their registrations here, too

Big Bass Splash Tournament

(Right) Curt Carver, Toledo Town Tackle president, with Bob Sealy at the June 22, 2000 sign-up for the Sealy's Big Bass Splash Tournament.

(Below - left) Entrants sign up from early morning until 10:00 PM for the Big Bass Splash Tournament

(Below - right) Bob Sealy speaks to some of the entrants waiting to sign up for the Big Bass Splash.

Curt Carver with Bob Sealy
Entrants signing up for tournament Bob Sealy speaks to entrants

How To Find Us

Conveniently located just East of Pendleton Bridge - at the junction of Louisiana Highway 6 and Louisiana Highway 191

Entrants signing up for tournament Entrants signing up for tournament

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Toledo Town & Tackle
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